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 We have bulls and heifers always coming on. Everything from future national champions to utility bulls.    Feel free to call or visit us at almost any time.

There are four main herd sires being used in 2015 fall.  With so many Cruz and Eisenhower dams in the herd we had to step out into new lines.  One advantage of the size herd we run is that we can afford to buy the very best sires available and spread the cost over a large number of cows.   We have had to outbid AI companies more than once.


1. Curragh Malcolm 892. Imported from the UK, he is one of the few sons out of the famous Netherton Missie who sold for a record price ST£31k in Scotland.  By Rawburn Transformer. As of May 2009 Malcolm is the highest bull in Ireland for both Terminal Sire and Self Replacement EBVs.   A winner in Tully, he is Gene Ireland Approved.  A really good-looking bull.  Malcolm stands out as one of the top of the range sires internationally, any way you measure him.

Using the new GENESTAR DNA technology available in the UK,  Malcolm was submitted for Feed Efficiency evaluation.  It turns out he carries genes that rank him in the Top 10% of the Angus breed for Feed Efficiency.   He requires 0.59Kg less meal per day to achieve the same weight gain than an average Angus. 


2. Luddenmore Emblem 212. 

A new purchase in 2014.  We bought him because :

1. He is a son of Netherallen Peter Pershore.
2. He is the top ranked Angus in Ireland ( ref. Abri.au) for Self Replacement Value.
3. He is ranked as second best for calving ease within the cohort of top ranked Angus, in Ireland. ( ref Abri.au).
4. He displays lots of style and muscle.



3. Lannigan Deep Canyon ( Red Angus ). 
 Intoduced to our cows in 2012

The result of a two year search for a Red Angus that had all of :

1. Style to match the best show blacks.   This was the hardest box to tick.
2. Calving ease and temperment good enough for Dairy.
3. Growth rates and confirmation to acheive ICBF 5 Star ratings.
4. World class pedigree.   This is one of the few Leachman Grand Canyon sons available.

This bull is available from Ireland's Bova  AI company from 2013 onwards.

Deep Canyon is the top bull of any breed in Ireland,  Spring 2014,  ranked on Replacement Value and other traits as per ICBF.    Search his name on the ICBF.ie website.


4. Westellen Diego. *** New in 2015 ***

This is a young bull purchased jointly with Bova AI.    A Lord Blackwood son, he was of interest because of his high performance, easy calving and large style quotient.



Our breeding aim is to produce   pedigree stock   which   obey this equation for our customers :

Value = Volume = Length x Breadth x Height

Whilst maintaining the Angus traits of hardiness, easy calving and suitability to low labour systems.

Small, tight and stubby cattle are culled.

We have successfully served two markets.

   1. Pedigree breeders looking for top quality female genetics from which to breed show stock.

  2. Farmers looking for herd sires for both dairy  and beef enterprises.  




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